V-Tower 20.5”

The Total Structures V-Tower system is designed specifically to fly line array sound systems with the least amount of fuss possible. It has been designed around a triangular based pyramid which allows the smallest practical base area whilst cleverly enabling its load and self weight to become its own ballast.

Build from standard tower truss

We build our V-Tower system around standard tower truss sizes so that the majority of the components can be taken from existing inventory or, once purchased, have a life beyond their use in a V-Tower. “Standard” truss sizes utilized are 12”, 18” and 20 ½” although larger trusses can be utilized when the situation demands.

Design with health and safety in mind

Our system was designed with health and safety in mind from its conception, and there is no need to climb during its assembly or installation of its payload.

Generic engineering cases have been developed for a number of applications, but at Total Structures we know that, more often than not, there is almost no such thing as a “standard” application so we have

developed our engineering to be flexible so that a number of variables can be changed to produce a report tailored to meet each of our clients needs.

Examples of these variables include tower height, truss size, local wind load code requirements, weight AND size of payload (surface area attracts wind load) as well as individual needs to use various systems with the tower. Most certainly one size does not, and should not, fit all.

Technical specifications

Max. lifting height
3000lbs / 1 360 kg
Max. load capacity
>30 ft / >9 m

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