TR-20 TUNNEL ROOF 14X10M. / 46×33 FT.

The TR20 Tunnel Roof is a hinged truss based structure with an eye on beauty and strength.

The Tunnel Roof consist of standard HD44 straight truss sections and carriers great features like an impressive free clearance of 9m (29,5ft) and an integrated cantilever of ladder truss. Beside this a clamped on keder tent profile on the truss sections for its canopy, guarantees you a full closing and allows you full flexibility in depth.

Using HD44 in a different way and shape. The tunnel shape gives you impressive load figures. Build from HD44 and using an integrated base in the steel scaffolding stage with Eurotruss stage decks topping it off. Also available as stand alone structure, ask for the possibilities.

Available in different sizes

The TR20 Tunnel roof is available in two sizes, 14×10 with four arcs and 14×14 with five arcs. The version with three arcs is not listed but can be built with an extra reinforcement crosswire in the last arc. Both standard sizes can be built in this reduced depth without adding extra material.

Technical specifications

14x10m. / 46x33 ft.
9,1m. / 29,9ft.
Stage Height
max 2m.
4 Arches HD44 Square Truss
Cantilever Size
1,2m. overhang
Cantilever Truss
HD42 Ladder Truss
Max. UDL
4.680 kg. / 10.317 lbs.
Max. CPL
4.000 kg. / 8.818 lbs.
Max. Wind force*
10 Bft.
Keder Profile
Clamped on HD44
Transparant or Full PVC Canopy
Ballast Safe in Layher Scaffolding

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