Scaffolding Beam

Eurotruss offers a new Layher beam solution for integrating the Eurotruss Decks on a Layher Scaffolding Stage.

The new beam includes the beam adapter which used to be separate. This allows you to use unlimited Scaffolding 2,00m / 2,07m and 2,44m and build your stage floor with Eurotruss Decks. Eurotruss also offers all the decks with recessed corners to have your scaffolding uprights continue to be used as handrailing or drum risers.

• All decks are equipped to be used in combination with steel scaffolding system base. Metric dimenions are 200/207cm and imperial dimensions are 8ft/4ft)

• Pro Deck with recessed corners gives you the possibility to continue building the vertical support elements for hand railing, drum risers etc

• Gives you a solid and safe stage as we recommend using legs up to 3,5ft /100cm, legs with diagonal braces up to 5ft / 150cm and steel scaffolding base for stage heights over 5ft / 150cm

Productcodes & Description

For lacher event beam size
200 cm.
100 cm.
207 cm.
103,5 cm.
8 ft.
4 ft.t
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