Catwalk Truss

Total Structures is pleased to add Fixed Catwalk Truss to their extensive range of industry standard and innovative custom trusses. 

The new Fixed Catwalk Truss has been developed to meet the needs of permanent installations, and satisfies the following criteria: The handrail height is set at the OSHA requirement of 42”. Proprietary non-slip metal decking, with an integral kick rail, is provided as the walking surface.

Integral lamp bars provide hanging points for lights and other equipment. Fabricated from 6061T6 aluminum for low self-weight and minimal maintenance, with steel decking for high resistance to wear.

Technical specifications

42'' / 106,6 cm
46'' / 116,8 cm
Connection Width
2’-4’’ / 71,1 cm
6061-T6 Aluminium
5/8’’ Grade 8 Steel nuts & bolts
Max. Certified Span
60 ft
Available Lengths

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