BAT Truss

The BAT Truss is a 15’’ low height truss with an open bottom, available in a 24-inch and 30-inch version. An extremely versatile truss that can be used as pre-rigged truss to accommodate automated lights. In combination with the truss cart it makes it the perfect touring truss, no flightcases are needed during transport. It saves time during setup and space in transport. The carts fold flat and are stackable. 

Inside the truss top structural cross members alows you to rig lighting fixtures on different ways. The speed rail in the middle is ideal to accommodate a wide range of fixtures.

Spigot connectors give the truss a high load rating and allow users to create unique configurations withour requiring corner blocks or hinges. Users can also create towers by position the truss vertically, a 30-ft tower can be created using only 10-ft of deck space by rotating the spigots vertically and pinning the truss as it is hoisted into its place.

In a truck the 30-inch truss packs three wide and the 24-inch truss packs four wide. For safety the BAT Truss can also be stacked and pinned together for safety while loading and unloading from a truck. Depending on the use of fixtures, it can be stacked as much as three high.

Technical specifications

15'' / 38,1 cm
24'' or 30'' / 61,0 cm or 76,2 cm
6061-T6 Aluminium
Spigot connectors (OMNI)
Max. Certified Span
60 ft

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