Ballast Truss

LDI 2004 Product of the Year Rigging and Hardware Total Structures is pleased to offer the Ballast Truss for use with delay towers and roof structures. 

The truss is designed to hold three plastic tanks that each holds 100 gallons of water. The truss measures 31” x 31” and is 11 feet long and fabricated with 2” x 3/16” main chords and 1 ½” x 1/8” diagonals. Each three tank truss provides over 2500 pounds of ballast. The tanks are placed on square box section bearers that span between the bottom chords of the truss and are secured with channel members on top. The tanks are filled and drained via the large diameter holes on the top surface and smaller diameter holes around the base respectively. 

The trusses are provided with four integral screw jack positions for easy leveling. Typically four trusses are bolted to a corner block that is fabricated with top plates to accept a tower hinge.

Technical specifications

30.9'' / 78,48 cm
30.9'' / 78,48 cm
Connection Centers
24.3’’w x 24.3’’h.
6061-T6 Aluminium
5/8’’ Grade 8 Steel nuts & bolts
Max. Certified Span

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