30” Generic MD

Generic Heavy Duty is, as its name suggests, is ideal for situations where long spans (up to 60ft) or high load capacities are required. Two formats, 30” h. x 20.5” w. and 30” h. x 30” w. are available. The widths accommodating Series 12 and Series 18 Ground support towers respectively and both

can be used as a base for the Total Structures outdoor stage roof system. 

Triangular versions of these trusses are available, but should only be considered when a triangular profile is specifically required, as load capacity is substantially reduced while cost is not!v

Technical specifications

30'' / 76,2 cm
30'' / 76,2 cm
Connection Centers
13.8’’w. x 23.3’’h.
6061-T6 Aluminium
5/8’’ Grade 8 Steel nuts & bolts
Max. Certified Span

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