Steels are according to NEN-EN 12385-4 and colour coding is refering to the length (ARGH). Available from 0,5 till 6m, regular or PVC tubed.


  • Flexible wire rope slings (construction 6×19+FC  and 6x36WS+FC)
  • Available in WLL 1t (d=10mm) en 2t (d=14mm) with or without PVC tube
  • Ends with thimble and clamped with a tapered talurit
  • Tapered talurit with inspection eye
  • 1t version with oversized thimble fi ts a 3,25t bowshackle, 2t fits a 4,75t bow-shackle.
To order the right working length add length behind CTST1- or CTST2- code, for example: CTST1-01.5 for 1,5 meter length. Add P to add PVC covering.

Productcodes & Description

Working Length
1000 kg. WLL
0,5 - 6 m.
2000 kg. WLL
0,5 - 6 m.
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