Total Structures delivers custom structure for the Waikiki shell on Hawaii

If one searches for seashells on the beaches of Hawaii, you wouldn’t expect to see such a big shell as the Waikiki shell. The Waikiki Shell is a unique venue for outdoor concerts & gatherings and is located within the Kapi’olani Park in Honolulu.

The City of Honolulu had the desire to bring larger shows to the outdoor theater. The structure that was designed and placed in cooperation with Total Structures now makes this possible. Total Structures was responsible for the production of the custom structure that was installed in May 2021. It consists of two large arcs connected by bridges with a profile height of 4’, a width of 3’ 2’’ and is constructed out of 4’’ main chords, 2’’ diagonals, and includes 2’’ underhung members for additional lighting positions. Down below, side lighting trusses of 12×12 LD truss were installed. The total self-weight of the system is about 16,000 lbs.

The truss includes an internal lifeline in all members for safely traversing the system. Self-retracting lifelines are included in both upstage and downstage bridges for transitioning between arcs.

Overall dimensions:

  • Downstage – Width 98’ (29.8m) – Height 46’ 7” (14.2m)
  • Upstage – Width 72’ (21.9m) – Height 32’ 7” (9.9m)
  • Bridges – Span 38’ 6” (11.7m) – Cantilever 14’ 8” (4.4m) – Interior Span 22’ (6.7m)
  • Truss Profile – Height 4’ (1.2m), Width 3’ 2” (0.9m) with 4” (101.6mm) main chords and 2” (50.8mm) diagonals and includes 2” underhung members for additional lighting positions.
  • Side lighting trusses are 12×12 LD truss

We would like to thank everybody for cooperating on this project:

  • General Contractor – Molina Engineering, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Consultant – Theatre Projects, New York, NY
  • Client – City of Honolulu
  • Engineer of Record – Schaefer, Cincinnati, Ohio

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