86×45 Plated Roof

The 85x45ft Roof is build on six 18`Towers (20,5`Tower are also available) with a wide heavy duty 30” Perimeter Truss Grid designed with 10ft sectional modules matching the apex sloped ladder roof truss sections.

The 85ft Roof  System  allows you to also build a 45ft  and a 65ft wide Roof by only changing the canopies and the guy wires.. The 45ft and 65ft wide roof systems can be found on previous pages. The 85x45ft Roof can also be equipped with an extra center truss bridge out of 30” perimeter truss and the option to have a 55ft depth, both will  give you a greater load bearing capacity. The concept of the Total Structures Roof System is so versatile that a small roof can be enlarged even to up split a large roof into two separate smaller roofs.

The 85x45ft Standard Roof on six Towers can be equipped with optional features like; PA Wings, Side Houses and even a Cantilever. The optional canopies are made of high grade reinforced PVC material divided in multiple pieces for easy handling. The design and concept of the Total Structures roof are based on little volume for transport and storage and a fast and safe set up with a limited crew.

All plated roof systems are fully approved and will be delivered with a full set of drawings, a structural report and a set up manual. Commissioning and training are available


Technical specifications

18” Tower / 20,5” Tower optional
Main Grid
Wide Heavy Duty 30” Perimeter Truss
Roof Structure
Apex / Sloping Ladder Truss
max 50ft
PA Wings, Side Houses, Cantilever and Halo System
Center 30” Truss Bridge for more loading
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