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New Wave Truss
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  • 2002 LDI Debuting Product of the Year - Rigging and Hardware - new wave truss
  • 2002 Rental and Staging Magazine - Product of the Year - new wave truss
  • 2002 The Exhibitor Show - Dealers Choice Award - new wave truss
  • 2003 PLASA - Award for Product Excellence - new wave truss
  • 2004 The Aluminum Association - International Extrusion of the Year - new wave extrusion
That it is a truss is where the conventional thinking ends with new wave. It is the result of three years of ideas and concepts coming together to create a single, very special, product. The four most important of these ideas are construction, materials, connection and finishing.

new wave is constructed using a series of perforated plates that are bonded to the main chords that pass through them. This in turn allows a variety of materials to be used - all aluminium aluminum, Plexiglas and, most popular of all, a carbon fiber / aluminium aluminum hybrid. Added to this was a variation of LDI 2000 Award winner, the OMNI connector. The rotating fork connection allows the truss to be assembled in an almost limitless variety of two and three-dimensional structural forms without custom fabrication.

The diversity of finishes, looks and branding opportunities is staggering. For example, the carbon fiber chords can be printed with custom textures, logos or messages or finished with a variety of Kevlar fabrics available are trusses that look like they were made of wood, and a red and yellow woven fabric, amongst a dazzling display of others.

The structural web can also be formed to carry a company logo or other pattern, such as the "Vegas" truss, pictured here, that has chords printed with playing cards and a structural web in the form of clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. In addition, the web can be anodized prior to assembly, and therefore several colors can be accommodated within the same truss.

The "Standard" new wave product is comprised of black carbon fiber finish chords, with bright aluminum web and is available in 1ft increments up to 10ft.

It is an interesting comparison within the range that the Carbon fiber hybrid is almost four times as strong as its aluminum counterpart over 20ft with a rated uniformly distributed load capability of nearly 900lbs.

Read our press realease about the awards Total Structures have won with their New Wave Truss. Click here to view the press realase.

New Wave Truss

download the PDF file Download

download the PDF file Download
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